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Recycled, reusable BPA-free eco bags.

We know organic products are best. It would feel a bit odd carrying our organic, natural, spray-free, chemical-free products around in … plastic!! Onya has made it easy for us to get the best organic products back home with us, with their range of eco, sustainable and reusable bags. 

It’s now easier to take your own bags to the supermarket, farmers market or mall. They wrap up small enough to be kept in your handbag or backpack so you’re never without them. And come in a range of sizes and purposes.

Onya reusable bags give us a great alternative to plastic bags or single-use bags that are recyclable AND made out of recycled materials. Taking plastic waste and turning it into something we can use for years to come. 

And not only do the Onya reusable shopping, grocery and bread bags look great (and accessorise beautifully, darling) but they last!

Onya have been making plastic-free recycled and reusable eco products since 2004. Onya products are designed in Perth, Western Australia. Their products are responsibly made in China and are a B Corp Certified company - guided by social and environmental practices.