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Making It Easy To Make A Difference

People are more aware of the impact their choices have on the environment. 

They’re seeking out businesses that make it easy for them to reduce their impact on the planet.

At Pacific Organic Distribution, we make it easy for you to provide your customers with the products they need to help the planet.


At Gift Crew we love shopping with Pacific Organic Distribution.  The website is easy to navigate and the checkout is hassle free too!  There are so many products to choose from which work well for our Gift Store. Our parcels arrive super fast too!  Highly recommend POD!

Paulette -

Hi, I’m Lesley

I noticed how hard it was for retailers to easily access sustainable, organic and environmentally friendly products at wholesale prices.

Maybe you wanted to buy one item to see it in use before you committed to buying the minimum purchase quantity. Or maybe you wanted to see the retail prices before signing up for a wholesale account. 

I created POD to give retailers a simple way of accessing sustainable, innovative, everyday products that their customers would love to use. 

Innovative Everyday Products That Make A Difference

Giving you the best from companies that are trying to make a difference


We choose to distribute products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, natural and organic. 

Because we know these are the products you and your customers value. And what’s good for you and good for the planet is good for business.


Stories sell, and your customers are looking to be entranced by the products they choose. 

We seek out innovative and intriguing products that have great stories to tell. 

And address environmental problems in new and intriguing ways. 


It’s the changes we can make to products we use every day that make the most impact. 

We love products that are circular - can be recycled into other or the same product. 

And are super-practical so that we can use them every day.

Helping Spread And Share Eco-Sustainable Products To The Pacific Area

From the Hibiscus Coast north of Auckland to wherever you choose in the Pacific region, Pacific Organic Distribution (POD) is the start of your growth to embrace eco-friendly, sustainable and natural products. 

Pods are where growth begins. From our POD, products that are good for the planet spread and grow to your business. 

This is just the start.


Try before you commit to wholesale. Purchase one, two or more at retail price.


Set up an account, and within 24 hours, you’ll be ready to make wholesale purchases.


Because you can see the price point on our store, it’s simple for you to work out your profit margins.