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Sattva Soul

What Celine Wallace, Sattva Soul Goddess and Founder has to say....

Sattva Soul Supplements came to life after years of endorsing other peoples supplements and never being able to find the best quality.

Celine started working with women through Sattva Soul retreats and events and became inspired by these women when they asked for help with regards to lifestyle support supplements.

Last year Celine decided to begin a journey to answer the question and find a solution. Celine spent most of the last two years in India and Sri Lanka studying ancient Ayurevdic medicine, which is the sister holistic medicine to yoga and meditation.

Celine studied one on one with the best doctors she could find and after a few months of working together they produced a line of organic supplements that balance your adrenal glands, which produce hormones which regulate your metabolism, immune system, balance your cortisol levels, balance your blood pressure and response system.

So here they are, the best of the best. Pure and Organic, enjoy!

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