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Sustainable | Eco | Organic Wholesale & Retail Products

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Every little bit helps

You want to make a difference.  The changes that make the biggest impact come from swapping to sustainable, eco-friendly everyday products.  At POD, we help you use, sell and share products that are good for you, good for business and good for the planet. Buy them for yourself, buy them to use in your business or buy them to retail.

Sustainable Alternatives To Everyday Products

Help your customers find eco-friendly alternatives to the products they use every day

Rustic Maka

Keep fresh every day (without harming yourself or the planet). Organic, vegan natural deodorant.

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Never use plastic again. Reusable, recycled, plastic-free bags and drink bottles.

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Sustainable cups made from coffee bean husk. Durable and beautiful. Great for cafes, home or on the go.

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Organic, sustainable dental products. You brush every day, so why not make it have less impact on the environment?

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6C Binchotan

Drink more. Drink pure. Activated charcoal water purifying sticks to filter tap water wherever you are.

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Reef-safe, sea-safe, stream-safe sun protection. There’s no reason to feel guilty when you slap it on.

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