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Bread Bags

by Onya

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Bread bags! How much thought do you give to bread bags? Not a lot? Well, think about the amount of plastic that our yummy, fresh bread is wrapped in. Not only do you have the plastic bag but then there’s the little tag that keeps the bag closed. Plastic, plastic, plastic. 

Not good when you’re trying to use less single-use plastics, be kinder to the environment and have your desire for organic goodness influence other areas of your lifestyle. 

Now we’ve got you thinking about bread bags, here’s the best solution we found to get our fresh bread home from the bakers AND store it at home. 

Onya reusable, recycled bread bags are the perfect solution because not only do they fit most bread sizes, but you can freeze your bread in the bag to keep it fresh and freezer-burn-free. 

Clip and roll the closure down to keep your bread fresh. And just shake out the crumbs when you’re done for the next loaf!

Each recycled bread bag is made from up to 10 recycled plastic bottles - preventing them from becoming part of our world-waste. 

  • 12-month manufacturers warranty
  • Made to Australian Baers Industry Standards
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Freezer-proof
  • Easy clean