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Konjac & Charcoal Facial Sponge


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What good is a sparkling smile without clear skin to frame it? PearlBar complement their natural oral care range with a detoxifying, exfoliating face sponge. 

Use it with or without facial cleanser to deep-clean your skin. The PearlBar konjac and charcoal facial sponge is made from natural Konjac roots which helps with getting rid of dirt and blackheads, and balances the skin to reduce oil and acne-causing bacteria. 

And it’s packed with more vitamins and minerals than your salad!

  • Just add water and use
  • Add a touch of cleanser for make-up removal
  • Perfect if you’ve got oily skin or acne 
  • Each sponge lasts 6-8 weeks and after use can be thrown in the compost